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Backly is a tool that will let you weed out broken backlinks without having to give up on using Google Sheets

What it is

Backly is your personal backlink butler, designed to track broken backlinks without the need for you to learn complicated web applications. All you have to do is connect the Google Sheet(s) with which you organize your backlinks and you’ll never have to log back into Backly ever again.

The tool will crawl all the websites in the sheet and check if your backlinks are still up. The results of these checks will then be written to your Google Sheet.

How it Works

Step 1: Create an account

Join our beta testing team and gain free access to Backly, the tool that is meant to be visited only once.

Step 2: Add your Google Sheet

Adding your Google Sheets for tracking is very easy with Backly.  After you add your Google Sheet, you never need to open Backly ever again.

Step 3: Let Backly work for you

Backly, is your personal backlink butler and will work with Google Sheets to track your backlinks. He is designed so that you never have to visit the web app after initial setup.

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